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FREE Business Listing Scan! 

50% of businesses have seen listings for their business that are not accurate. Make sure your customers aren’t part of that 50%.

Find out which of your customers have incorrect listings for your business and where you have no listing! 

We partner with Vivial, a firm that specializes in digital marketing, a strategy that can help grow and transform your business! 

Click HERE to start your scan.  

Data Cloud

Cloud-based phone systems

Migrating from an on-premise phone system to a cloud communication system. We can help in determining the best process and system to meet your business needs, not the UCaaS providers sales quota. 


KCG2 will help you determine the best phone and carrier services to support your business

Calculate Savings

Cloud Build vs Buy Calculator

Are you considering moving to the cloud but you are unsure of the value? Or perhaps you are trying to decide whether you should build your own solution or move to a hosted cloud platform? Use this calculator to determine the total cost of ownership between building your own vs. moving into a hosted solution from a cloud provider.

All healthcare providers, schools (K-12), community colleges, public sector organizations, news and media organizations, and non-profit organizations who are new customers and impacted by COVID-19 get free access to RingCentral Office.
During this difficult time, it's crucial for your organization to connect and get your important work done easily and securely, from anywhere. With RingCentral Office, you get everything you need in one desktop or mobile app, 

  • Video Meetings: HD quality audio and video conferencing, screen sharing and more.
  • Messaging: Team messaging that’s perfect for collaboration with file sharing and more.
  • Phone: Robust and reliable business phone system, including business SMS and call management.