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About Us

Transparent, experienced, and honest.  These are the foundations of our business.  

  • We advocate for our customers and deal with suppliers and vendors directly on your behalf.  

  • We listen to your needs and make recommendations based on evidence and facts.

  • We advise you leveraging best practices and our years of industry experience. 


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Ellen Owens-Karcsay

Owner and Transformation Advisor

Ellen is an experienced transformation advisor, supporting businesses and nonprofit organizations through various stages of the organizational lifecycle.  This includes developing change readiness and management plans, assessing organizational capacity, supporting growth initiatives, including acquisition or merger integration, and process improvement.   Ellen is also well-versed in various technology solutions that can enable efficient, effective, and sustainable transformations.


Because of her varied experiences ranging from leading a nonprofit organization to leading a global project management team for a global technology company, Ellen believes that there is not one solution for all. 


Ellen believes that every organization, regardless of size or type, should develop a discipline around understanding processes and people before products.  In practice, this means you must first clarify your desired business processes along with the people and talent responsible for them and then match the solution that enables that process.


​Developing that organizational discipline comes naturally as Ellen is a Certified Personal Trainer and teaches spin classes for fun.    Ellen has competed in many triathlons over the past ten years, including the Arizona Ironman in 2011.


Ellen lives with her husband in Tempe, Arizona, and enjoys the outdoors, hiking, biking, and running.  She enjoys “creating,” which may include something baked, painted, or planted. 

Robert (Robb) Karcsay

Solutions Engineer and Advisor

Robb Karcsay is an entrepreneur at heart – taking on the challenge of opening and building businesses. In the early 90s, he built and managed a health club in Seattle.  Robb utilized a technology platform and an electronic billing system and then linked it to the training equipment allowing him to expand his business model to include an on-site physical therapy clinic.  

Today, Robb works with a long-time colleague at Structured Communications, based in Portland, Oregon.  His experience working with large complex businesses to develop solutions to business problems continues to expand his knowledge base and understanding of best practices for businesses of any size and type.  

Robb’s years of experience, combined with his vision for future technologies, allow him to provide a unique perspective for businesses looking to stay ahead of the ever-changing technology landscape.  Robb leverages digital transformation technologies services such as Cloud, SaaS, and Cybersecurity and demonstrates his understanding of the hardware and software platforms associated with those services. 

Robb lives in Tempe, Arizona, and continues to prioritize fitness:  weight training, running, biking, and hiking with his wife, Ellen, and remains strong in his ongoing technology training!!

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kendra branham

Data Guru and Project Manager

Kendra is a multi-talented, experienced professional who has brought tremendous value to the Karcsay Group team.  Her roots are in technology, where she has worked as a business analyst, gathering requirements from end users to develop functional design requirements.  She is also highly skilled in data management and analysis.  She also is very skilled in project management, tracking tasks and dependencies, and keeping everyone moving toward a common goal.  

When she isn't digging through data, she is digging through the dirt on her farm!  Yes, a farm!  Farming balances her busy life by enhancing community wealth and wellness using gardens and food to connect, inspire, and transform. 

We are super lucky to have Kendra on our team! 

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