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Organizational Transformation

Finding yourself transforming to meet the new ways of work? 


Change is essential sustainability and requires a comprehensive plan.  

Change management and Strategic Visioning facilitation.

Capability and

Capacity building 

Ready for growth? 

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Assess your current capacity for growth and if your organization has the knowledge, skills, and abilities to sustain your growth. 



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Organizational Transformation

Is your organization about to undergo a transformation or implement change? If you are like most organizations trying to keep up with technology, you probably are.

Change is not just about implementing a new business process, a new technology, or trying to revolutionize the way you do business.  It is about the people who will be responsible to implement, maintain, and change their work behaviors to sustain the change. That is why a change readiness and implementation plan is critical to a successful business or organizational transformation.   


As skilled change leaders with years of experience in organizational transformation at a global level, Karcsay consulting can support your teams with the knowledge and experience to drive a successful change management plan.  


Our approach keeps the organizational leaders at the forefront of your change to be sure that the change is sustainable.  


capability & capacity assessment

Most people use "capability" and "capacity" interchangeably but there is a difference. 

Capacity is focused on the foundational elements that must be balanced and mature in order to allow the organization to grow and transform.  The four key areas for capacity are: 

  • Governance

  • Administrative or operational systems

  • Business and financial model

  • Management and staff

Capability is a focus on the people and organizational culture. There are eleven areas that we assess that are key to a high functioning organization.   Addressing capability gaps can have a direct impact on competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, and employee engagement. 




Our technology solutions division transacts business as KCG2.  With over 20 years of experience in the IT technology and carrier sales industry, KCG2 technology advisors build longterm relationships with their clients. They listen and understand their clients business case and KPI's before recommending any solutions. Then recommend the appropriate supplier to customer needs. KCG2 specializes in phone systems, data & voice circuits, multi-cloud and managed IT services.