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Be Thankful – it’s in your control.

We are in the season of Thanksgiving, and this year, the season may be a mixed bag of things for which to be thankful. I know this certainly applies to me. Not unlike others, this year has been full of ups and downs, twists, and unexpected turns. Some have been high points while others have been crushing.

As a society, we are going through a great deal of change and adapting to a new way of living, working, and playing. While it may seem that we have no control over what is happening around us, choosing what to be thankful about gives you back some of that control.

On Veterans Day, I posted on LinkedIn a tribute to my dad, a Navy veteran. I also commented on his battle with cancer. I am sad to report my dad died somewhat unexpectedly just three short days later following a surgery that was supposed to improve his quality of life.

Although there are moments that I am sad and moments that I am mad, I am thankful and consider myself lucky to have such a great dad. I am also equally thankful for my mom, who was by his side for 54 years through sickness and health.

I am thankful to the nurses and physicians in the ICU for their compassion and common sense, which allowed my sister and me into the hospital to see him the day he died.

I am thankful for my dad’s kindness, artistic abilities, patience, and generosity.

Many people are facing extreme challenges this year, personally and financially.

Be thankful for what you have and what you can give to others. Kindness, compassion, and caring are all in your control and yours to give.

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