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Are you changing the way you do business or transforming?

I do my best thinking when I am out running early in the morning. So last week, I was out for a jog, enjoying the cooler mornings and making my way across Tempe Town Lake via the Tempe Mill Avenue Bridge. The view of the sun coming up, reflecting off the new high-rise buildings, was beautiful.

To say that the shores of Tempe Town Lake have changed would be an understatement. It has transformed. What used to be a dry riverbed has changed dramatically in appearance, function, and vibe. On the weekends, the sidewalks are busy with runners, walkers, bikers, people on roller skates, skateboards, and of course, scooters.

Growth didn’t happen overnight.

There was a plan. I am confident that the city considered the capacity and capability to support this tremendous growth and development, and from my perspective, it has been successful so far.

When I tell people that my job is a Transformation Advisor, I often am met with a puzzling look, followed by “what’s that.” Well, I am glad you asked.

As a transformation advisor and coach, I work with organizations in a growth phase and are preparing to launch transformative projects that will help them achieve their goals. The transformation could include various activities from capacity and capability assessments to implementation of a technology solution to planning for the integration of a company following a merger or acquisition.

As is true with any transformation, processes change, and people are impacted. Therefore, it is critical to view transformation through a change management lens. People are the most crucial part of any transformation plan, and failure to adequately address it can make the difference between success and failure.

Taking on a transformation project can be challenging for most people. However, working with an advisor can bring new perspectives, engage additional experts, and provide support as needed.

When I see these new buildings under construction along the lake, I often think of the lengthy process it took from blueprint, through permitting, to engineering, and finally to build. No doubt, the architect designed for today with the future in mind.

If you are planning or starting a transformation project or initiative and looking for a coach to guide you along the way, give me a call we would be delighted to help you design your future!

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