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 Build capacity and capability for sustainability

Karcsay Consulting Group supports businesses and organizations at every stage of their lifecycle to transform and meet the dynamic needs of their customers.

People Clapping

We're transparent, experienced, and honest.

These are the foundations of our business. We advocate for our customers and deal with suppliers and vendors directly on your behalf. We listen to your needs and make recommendations based on evidence and facts. We advise you leveraging best practices and our years of industry experience.

people before process

We work to support clients by building internal capabilities and capacity that will result in sustainable results. 

When considering process change or technology enablement, it is critical to remember WIIFM (What's In It For Me?)  - the PEOPLE side of change.   



We meet you where you are.

 We like to roll up our sleeves and experience the organizations we work with.  It helps us to understand what works well and what pain points need to be addressed. 

We assess your current state of organizational maturity and capability, using the Lifecycles Capacity approach, which allows just to develop a foundational plan for future growth and transformation.